Small businesses get more benefit from SEO According to the current changes in the trends, it seems that in the future SEO will favor the entrepreneurs and small business units. As it is hard to define the future of any specific marketing strategy or technology, there are certain reasons that signify the future of SEO. It is evident that there is an increasing growth in the local search because of the use of mobile device. Because in 2014 Google made several changes in the algorithm and a change in the dynamics by Pigeon in upgrading to local 3 pack zonaid from local 7 pack. And the mobile technology will develop thereby setting up more local businesses. Because of the advancement in the technology, reality optimization will evolve for the digital customers. And the contents will be tuned according to the individuals because of the availability of network connection and smart algorithm for serving contents and surfacing will give access to the entertainment and information. It is also said that the traditional form of advertising like the billboards and advertisements in the magazines and newspapers will disappear and the digitized pop up digital ads will exist in the system. Google when launched, all the users in the network received the same set of information, but now all the user receive customized search results, this is because Haitna of the sophisticated technology. The local businesses also receive the benefits personalization and digital assistants, and many organizations and companies are trying to deliver personalized results to the users. The concentrate more on the digital assistants like Siri and Cortana because they can get more behavioral data according to the particular user SEO tips for beginners To those who have launched their website recently SEO is a cause for concern. Optimizing your website for higher ranking and visibility on search engines is a task that requires time and care. But here are some tips for beginners which will help you increase rankings initially: Content Content is king. The information on your portal should be useful and relatable to the reader. Do not write articles or blogs on your product rather write things which are beneficial to readers. Straight getting into marketing is not good. Help the customers get an idea and then persuade them to buy. Quality links When more people link to your content it is a sign that your site can be trusted. It is not about a lot of links but gaining good quality links. Links from spammed sources can hurt your ranking Usage of tools Use the right set of tools to remove bad links and find who is linking to your site. Google webmaster tools can be used for analyzing to make in-depth analysis to figure out who is linking to the site. However these are the basic tools for SEO process and also figure out which to use at any given time. If these are essential for starters there are some things which should never be done like key-word stuffing and too many meaningless backlinks. Focus on SEO but do not get carried away and get blocked by Google. Also follow the regular updates from google regarding algorithms.